Been four times on the Swordfish. Great experience and great crew every time. Would recommend if you want to visit some fantastic locations, catch a lot of great fish and mud crabs then relax back on the mothership with a good wine or cold beer - and who wouldn't.

Roy Connolly

The absolute best trip I have ever experienced, and I've been on a few. Fantastic crew, excellent food and plenty of cold refreshments. Barra, black jewfish, gold spot, tricky snapper, blue and king salmon, queenies, mackerel, mud crabs and so many other species in one of the last great unspoilt wilderness areas of Australia. Frontier Fishing delivered the trip of a lifetime.

Mark Grealy

It's sometime since I've been on the Swordfish, but the last time I went it was an experience of a lifetime - What a trip. Barra, mud-crabs, Spanish Mackerel, Thread fin Salmon and the list goes on. Lots of beers and great laughs along the way

Conor Bolton

Have had the pleasure to experience the trip of a lifetime! Beautiful boat, fantastic hospitality and got to see some of the best fishing spots that our country has to offer!

David Wedmore